10 Things I Hate About the Iphone

1. It’s not a flip phone.  That bugs me because all of my previous cellular telephones (all three of them since about 2003) have been flip-phones and I’ve gotten used to flipping open the phone to look at the time, like pocket-watch users of my great-grandfather’s generation.

2. The contact pictures you choose for your contacts are obscured by a semi-transparent grid of six or so icons when your contacts telephone to you, which renders the “big profile picture screen” thing mostly useless.

3. When using the device as a telephone, the screen goes black almost immediately, and when you want to terminate a call, you’ve got fumble an instant to activate the screen and hit the “End” button.

4. It’s got a touch screen and the screen smudges easily.  Well, duh, of course it does.  But it’s disgusting to look at and if you’re like me (and you’re probably not) you’ll find yourself wiping it clear more often than you would a pair of glasses.

5. The “silent mode” is counter intuitive – when the red line shows at the switch, it shows red, which I would expect to indicate sound is “on.”  But that’s not the way it works.  When the red line shows, it’s in silent mode.  For about a week, I thought my phone was broken and I kept missing calls.

6. It’s not easy to figure out how to block numbers of unwanted callers.  It is easy to clear missed or recent calls, but that’s all you can do with the line-item edit feature.

7. Although it takes reasonably good pictures out of doors, it’s too easy to cover part of the lens with part of your hand.  I prefer a dedicated camera.

8. Sometimes when I move the Iphone, applications open without my selecting them by touch.  It’s the phone and not my clumsy digits.

9. Fairly often the phone’s internal gyroscope thinks I’ve turned it sideways when I’ve only set it down with a lateral left or right motion, and re-orients the screen.

10. It’s a distraction.  I used to use my cellular telephone only for calls or to know the time with a fair degree of accuracy.  Now I’ve become one of those idiots who’s constantly looking down into his hand to receive information I’d be just as well off waiting several hours to see.


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