Cold Saturday Morning Ride

Last Saturday morning I rode the Razesa for a few miles after a light snow had fallen overnight.  The roads were grimy with cold, wet salt and slush, but none of the snow had much stuck to paved surfaces.  I think the temperature was around 32 degrees, Fahrenheit, when I set out, and not much warmer than that when I returned to the house.  For warmth, I wore a pair of Pearl Izumi select softshell gloves, Aero Tech Designs fleece bib tights, polypropylene long underwear, smartwool socks, and a weather-proof runner’s 3/4 zip pullover.

Razesa Bike

Razesa ready to ride on a cold morning

I was in no hurry, just monkeying around averaging less than 10 miles per hour and covering less than 10 miles, I rode through neighborhoods nearby.  I didn’t get across town to explore the streets on the other side of the main thoroughfare.

By the time I got back to the house, the small fingers of both hands were numb, as were the toes of both feet.  The gloves were less effective than a less expensive pair of thermal fleece North Face gloves I bought three or four years ago for winter walking.  The smartwool socks were not at all effective in the mild but moderately cold weather riding conditions of the day.  Maybe liner socks would have helped; I’ve got a pair and may try them next time.