Old Stepford Ride

A few weeks ago, I explored Old Stepford along “mansion-side” of the tracks, a designation that no longer means much that close to the tracks.  Now, when that term is used by my co-workers, they mean “out by the Country Club,” which is on the same side of the tracks, but further from them.  Here are a couple of pictures I took while riding around down by the tracks.

Loram Track Machine

Some kind of track-cleaner, I’d guess.

Old Frame House

An old house along the tracks.

Mansard Roof House

An old house with mansard roof along the tracks

At mansard-roofed house - storage and trashburner?

At mansard-roofed house – storage and trash burner?


Storage unit propped-up as seen from the alley behind the house.


The alley that runs behind both houses pictured in this post – parallel to the tracks.