Thursday I sick from pollen – felt like I had strep-throat and flu with chills, aching joints, and so forth.  My sleep that night was interrupted by aching knees, ankles, back and throat pain.   The experience was pretty miserable, but I would guess on a realistic pain-scale of 1 – 10 with 10 being worst, it was no more than about 4 or 5.  This has been my typical April experience since moving to the House of the Many Oak Trees.  Keeping the air return filter changed and using wonder drugs, both over-the-counter and prescription, helps reduce the effects of my body’s reaction to the presence of pollen.  Going outside is hazardous; so is mowing.  In a couple of weeks the oak-trees will have developed to the extent that I will risk anaphylaxis should I mow without an effective filter-mask.  Yay.  Springtime is pretty and horrible.  Here is today’s pollen map and four-day pollen graph cadged from www.pollen.com :

Pollen Graph

Pollen Map 4/13/13

Four-day pollen forecast and Continental United States Pollen Map for Saturday 13 April 2013.

I do still intend to go outside for my son’s T-Ball game, go for a bike ride, and maybe get the mowing done today, though.