Cave-Baby Breakfasts

Just a quick post.  Last year, while riding the Indiana cornfields near Muncie in record-breaking, triple-digit heat, I survived getting badly lost after taking a wrong turn on the way out of Blountsville, in part because I had the good sense to impulse-buy and eat a fried-egg and cheese biscuit from Rob Cline of Cave-Baby Smokers.  This year, even though I’ve got a better grasp of the local geography, I again stopped by the tent Rob’s set up at Prairie Creek Reservoir both yesterday and today to visit and eat fried-egg biscuits; yesterday’s with cheese and today’s with a burger-sized sausage patty.  Good eating and jus the thing for those 30 to 40 mile rides through farmland on chip-and-seal roads.

Rob-Cline-&-Son Cave-Baby-SmokehouseHolly-&-Rob-Cline

So, if you’re out there any time over the next couple of weeks, stop in, say “Hello,” and get something to eat.  The Clines serve lunch, as well, and cater large events.