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If it’s called a seatpost, why is the thing attached to it called a saddle, in bicycling terminology?

The Mongoose mountain bike saddle I’ve had on the Miyata 610 for almost the past year, I found, causes numbness to my external genitalia after rides longer than 15 or so miles.  I find it unsettling to feel a twinge and, when adjusting the position of the aforesaid parts, feel nothing from them when they are moved.  That can’t be healthy.  So, after having some time ago read this review by All Seasons Cyclist, I decided to buy one.  Turns out, however, the product I bought on Amazon was the Classic or “comfort” version of the saddle.

Last Friday, after work, I took a 19.48 mile through the local hills to try it out.  It is too wide for comfortable peddling and the rails do not fit well in the Miyata’s seat-clamp.  I probably would have been happier with the Competition model.  When I was buying, though, I found its much greater cost off-putting.  Nevertheless, after the end of my ride and during the ride, I experienced no numbness, which is to the good.  The test ride included rough portions of badly paved and then unpaved road.  Below are some photos comparing the Mongoose to the Planet Bike saddle, and of the saddle on the Miyata.


Saddle-Installed-SideSaddle-Installed-BackTest Ride


My test ride took me past a yardsale, kind of out in the country, and two bikes on display out in the yard caught my eye.  One of them turned out to be a Specialized Crossroads of uncertain age and the other, an apparently decades old lugged steel mixtie framed bike identified by its decals as a Suteki Track 10 with Shimano componenet – 600 derailleurs, Tourney brakes, couldn’t tell which stem-shift levers.  I agreed to buy it from the owner and returned in the station wagon later to get it.  It looks just like the one pictured below, said picture cadged from somebody else’s site, but I’ve forgotten where I got the image.  When the bike I bought is made rideable – new cables, brake and shift, tires, tubes, etc., I’ll post some more pictures.  I’m hoping my wife likes the bike when it’s done.



I’ve found the hardest rides for me to find motivation to complete are those short, 3.3 mile rides around all the streets in my subdivision.  It’s an easy ride with almost no necessary stops and a few, not very steep, hills.  I rode it Monday evening and it took all my willpower to finish after the first mile.  Strange.

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