A New Bike for the Cautious One

A couple of weeks ago I found a Suteki Track 10 mixte bicycle for $40 at a yard sale while out on a ride.  With new tires (the same brand and type as the bike’s original tires – Panaracer 27 x 1 1/8), tubes, cables, and lubed, the bike only needs a good cleaning and some rust removed with a fine wire brush.  My wife, the Caution-Lady, rode it around the driveway and street in front of our house this evening for the first time.  Our son, age five, ran around and tried to get in her way in order to make her swerve to avoid him.  I wonder if that is normal five year-old behavior?  Here are a few blurry pictures of the bike I took this evening:



3 thoughts on “A New Bike for the Cautious One

    • Dunno. Maybe bicycle blue book – I think it’s called something like that – a search engine will turn it up. I think I paid $40 for the bike because when I got back to the seller’s house to pay him, nobody was home and I only had two twenties. We’d agreed on a price of $30. I don’t feel like I overpaid for the bike, though.

      • I have a Suteki as well that was given to me by my stepfather. This goes for up to 250.00 on Ebay. Other sites have slightly lower prices but you’ve got a classic! Aluminum body and lightweight.

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