Update: Unexpected Delays

Why would UPS have anything to do with the United States Post Office?  Strange.  Dunno which of the two confused this shipment's routing.

Why would UPS have anything to do with the United States Post Office? Strange. Dunno which of the two confused this shipment’s routing.

Road I.D.

I checked the UPS tracking number provided by Road I.D. to locate the black sport band they sent last week.  Turns out it almost made it here, then got re-routed to Arizona, and is probably on its way back to Road I.D. in Ohio, or to me.  Time will tell.  I’ll take some photos and post them when the package arrives.

Miyata 610

When I drove to the bike shop this morning, I expected to return with the Miyata.  As I was about to pay for the service and leave with it, I noticed the shift cables were really slack, and asked about it.  The manager seemed surprised and took it back to the workshop and examined it on a repair stand.  He examined the ticket.  I explained why I brought the bike in.  He said the fellow who checked the bike in and wrote up the ticket hadn’t noted my concerns.  He and a mechanic looked at it and we agreed that the lead mechanic should take a look at it.  Hoping it will be done by Saturday.

I’ve still got the Razesa to ride because neither of those who expressed interest in buying it actually did so.  Maybe I’ll get a ride in someday this week.

Traffic Court

My ticket was dismissed.  Smile

Responsible Adulthood

So, here I was with a day to get stuff done and didn’t really have a bike I felt comfortable taking for a long ride in lousy weather.  What did I do?  I cleaned bathrooms and took care of another responsibility I’d been procrastinating about doing.

A Trip to the Bike Shop

Bridgestone MB-4 and Jamis Supernova racked and ready to go to the bike shop

Bridgestone MB-4 and Jamis Supernova racked and ready to go to the bike shop

Today, I’ve got present at traffic court to answer to a judge for the particulars of a citation a local policeman issued to me back in late August.  Proof of registration and financial responsibility may serve to keep me from having to pay a fine; that’s the outcome I’m hoping for in the matter.

Since I’ve had to schedule the time, I also plan to use the day to pick up the Miyata 610 from the bike shop, about 45 miles distant, where I left it last week to get the hubs serviced and whatever is bent near the back axle corrected – derailleur, hanger, I don’t know what.  The wheel’s been a bear to reinstall when I’ve removed it for cleaning, the last couple of times.  Furthermore, when riding on the middle ring, in front, and shifting while pedaling hard up a hill to the small front ring, the chain tends to bang down onto the smallest of the freewheel cogs at the back.  On steeper hills that I know I’m able to climb on the Miyata, I’ve lost headway and had to walk a couple of times.  It’s irritating.

Because my local bike mechanic (this town has no local bike shop) has had to go back to working nine-hour days with only two 15 minute breaks during the workday (that doesn’t sound legal, does it?), he hasn’t had the time, energy, and joie-de-vivre necessary to tackle the problems that arise when a 33 year-old bike gets ridden an hour or two daily on good to crummy pavement.

Yesterday, the bike shop called and told me the Miyata is ready for pickup – they were able to service the hubs, so the races were probably not blown, I think the term is.  Additionally, the caller said the shop was able make necessary adjustments to ensure proper shifting, this at no cost.  Good, yes?

Today, I will take them the Jamis Supernova for complete tune-up and Mavic hubs service (if that works, I won’t get a new wheelset for the bike for awhile), and the Bridgestone MB-4 to see about getting the headtube refaced and another Tange Levin headset installed if the one I installed cannot be salvaged.  I don’t hold out much hope for my installation.  Finally, I think I’ll see if they can install the little replacement dials for the shifters.

MB-4 and Supernova on the repair stand for examination

MB-4 and Supernova on the repair stand for examination

It’ll be at least a week before I get the bikes back and it’s been rainy the past four five days with not much prospect of drier weather for the next few days.  I will probably ride the Miyata in the wet, although the Jamis is the bike I’d hoped to subject to inclement weather.  Ordered some Tri-Flow last week on the advice of my mechanic, to replace the waxy chain cleaner/lubricant I’ve been using.  Perhaps that will offer better wet-condition protection to the Miyata’s moving parts.