A Trip to the Garage

This morning I took the Green ’98 to the mechanic’s garage to diagnose the source of the vehicle’s coolant loss, which I first noticed Friday when I drove a long way to the bike shop to collect the Miyata 610.  I began smelling coolant on the interstate, but the temperature gauge never registered more than one tick above normal operating temperature.  When I got back to the house, I opened the hood and observed the reservoir had no coolant.  I filled the reservoir and drove to worship service yesterday, and this morning checked and found it again was empty.

Faithful steeds

Faithful steeds

At the garage, I saw an old friend, Thursday, the 5-speed 850 I drove for several years, possibly the best car I’ve ever owned.  The car’s looking worse for wear, and my mechanic told me its engine will have to be replaced – “It runs, but it burns a quart of oil every 500 miles.”  This, I was told, because the woman who bought the car from me failed to take care of routine maintenance.

Coolant leak

Coolant leak

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