No Shave November

Or, Hating the Beard

I Hate This Stupid Beard

It feels horrible and looks just as bad.  When I was in my twenties, the beard had a lot of reddish tones in it.  They’ve been replaced in middle-age by white and gray hairs. 

This is the first the year I’ve participated in the No-Shave-November fad.  As my cousin Valerie noted, it’s a special kind of cool to take part in a fad after it’s no longer fashionable.  The beard would look better if I had some way of keeping it trimmed and well-defined, but I don’t think I will grow another beard so I won’t spend the money for a Norelco beard trimmer.

I thought the beard might help to camouflage my less than adequate facial symmetry, but it’s instead accentuated it.

Come December, this facial hair’s got a date with my barber.