Bootless and Riding

My podiatrist last Wednesday advised me to discontinue use of the air-cast boot I’d been wearing, waking and sleeping, since the Wednesday before Christmas.  Continuing treatment is use of a lace-up ankle brace, stork-stand and heel-cord stretch exercises for the next five months.  The doctor also advised that I could resume my normal fitness activities to the extent I can tolerate them. 

I’m wearing two shoes again, and yesterday went for my first bike-ride since the Christmas Lights club ride in mid-December.  My son has been asking to go for a bike ride since I got out of the boot, so we rode about four or five miles, part of the way along a muddy, wooded track.  It was my boy’s first time riding off-road, and he found it challenging but enjoyed the adventure.  Temperature was about 55 degrees with a chilly and strong, intermittent wind.

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