Annual Go For A Ride By Yourself Day

Solitary Cyclist Header

Last Wednesday, April 1, 2015, was the Fifth (?) Annual Go for a Ride By Yourself Day and that is what I had planned to do.  Maybe a short 10 or 15 mile ride to get a breath of fresh air conducive to clear thinking.  But Wednesday was a busy day and during my two or three free hours in the early afternoon, I found they were not so free and got some stuff done, instead.  By late afternoon, though, my son and I were going to take a quick ride after doing some chores and messing around outside.

Then, my wife got home from her job and the three of us set out for a family bike ride.  We rode less than five minutes before our boy crashed after hitting a gravel patch.  His cycling gloves were in his trouser pockets so, in addition to scraping his knee painfully, the pavement tore a flap loose on the palm of one hand.  We all walked back to the house, my wife pushing her bike, I pushing mine.  I walked back for our son’s bike after unlocking the house.

Not long after that, it was about to be time for Wednesday meeting, and I drove over to the where our congregation gets together for midweek coffee, dessert, discussion.  When I got back home , though, I greeted my family and then took the Supernova for nighttime solo ride around the neighborhood.  Afterward, I turned in and slept.

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