Freakishly Lazy Saturday

This was the view this morning from First Avenue Gallery, Winchester.

First Avenue Gallery

This has been, as the subject line above declares, a day wherein I’ve done little to exert myself physically.  I got up too late this morning to work out.  I failed to take a bike ride.  Didn’t take one yesterday at lunch or yesterday evening even though the weather was fair later on.  Ordered a book a friend of mine wrote to refute somebody he debated.

I drove to Winchester this morning to see Glenn at First Avenue Gallery to pick up some stuff I’d left there for him to frame (maybe tomorrow I will post snapshots).  I made an impulsive purchase for cash.  I looked at Ruger 10/22 rifles, a Springfield 911 and Rock Island “Baby Rock” – both in .380 caliber – at a couple of gun stores.  Both the Springfield and the Rock Island felt like they were made for my hand.

On the way home, I stopped by an estate sale in the neighborhood and found that the older gentleman who was moving out West with his wife had formerly owned the house where my family and I live.  I bought a USB film and slide scanner for $5 – another impulsive but useful purchase.  Back home, I spent a lot of time on the Internet researching my more expensive purchase and ordered a part for it.

Here are some pictures from a longish bike ride a couple of weeks ago – on a day when I got off my aging backside and exercised.  I’ve been riding the Orbea more often, lately.  The pink flowers pictured are fragrant like but milder than laundry dryer sheets.

Orbea at the Pump

Pink Flowers

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