Astra Constable Parts!


My family and I got in late yesterday afternoon from the annual 4th of July visit at the farm.  The crops – soybeans and field corn – look really good this year.  The post office yesterday delivered our held mail and in the bundle I was delighted to find…? That’s right, the TWO ejector/slide-stop parts I ordered from that excellent fellow, Mike McClellan, at M & M Gunsmithing of Hazel Green, Alabama.  I got two because one might not be enough.  Various threads on several gun-owners’ discussion boards indicate this part has been known to break.  My own experience indicates replacements are not easy to come by.

Here are a couple of pictures, front and back, of the broken part:


Broken Ejector Slide Stop Back View

2 thoughts on “Astra Constable Parts!

    • Hi Andy,

      I don’t think I still have that second ejector/slide retainer. Please check with Mike McClellan whose contact information appears on the invoice and parts photographed in the blog post. Also, where I’ve written M & M Gunsmithing in the paragraph below the picture, I’ve linked to his business’ still active website. Hope you get that Constable fixed. I liked mine a lot, but never reckoned it reliable enough to keep after that part broke. I traded it on a Glock 43. Not as cool, but I never worry it’ll fail.

      Best regards,


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