My mom died last Friday 24 April, a little over a month after her 79th birthday, of complications associated with her small cell lung cancer, treatments for same, and a confluence of other health problems that have been ongoing for about the past 10 years.  I didn’t understand her as a human being and I wish I had.  I wish I’d been a better son.  Easy for me it is to justify the steps I’ve taken over my lifespan to differentiate, but today I just feel a sense of guilt and failure. Sadness. Grief.

3 thoughts on “Loss

  1. Chris: I can imagine that you will have some regrets over your perceived failures, but it is a useless errand. You will always second guess yourself and posit potential past alternatives in your mind and this may be indulged for periods at a time, but again, to no end. Recall the testimony of your mother in our presence when she gave a wonderful summation of your “sonship.” She lavished praise. Rest in that knowing that all is as it should be in God’s providence.  I pray that you will have a brief time to grief and then abundant times of rejoicing in days ahead. I miss you, Chris. I wish we could sit down with a coffee and catch up. Maybe in October, God willing.  Give my love to Holly and Ben. Blessings,Doros

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  2. Chris:Greetings.  I hope that you , Holly and Ben are well. It has been a while since we were in touch.  We are doing okay at present. This situation with all the political correctness is frustrating, but amidst the seeming chaos we know that Christ is Lord and we can live as pilgrims on our way to a world with none of this nonsense.  We have had a few visitors over the last few weeks so I decided to shift gears and try preaching some short vignettes from the gospels emphasizing authentic encounters with Christ. Hopefully, this is beneficial to these folks.  How are you doing these days? Drop me a line when you get a minute.  Blessings,Doros

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