Kung-Flu? Ha Ha. No Regrets.

Yesterday afternoon, I watched a White House press briefing on YouTube.  That’s an interesting exercise, in itself, and a good way to get a clear idea of what the Trump Administration is communicating without media gatekeeper spin.

An Asian female reporter for one of the mainstream media outlets repeatedly asked whether President regretted having used the “racist” term or phrase Kung-Flu to describe the Chinese coronavirus.  The manner in which she spoke trumpeted the assumption that it is a matter of settled fact that Kung-Flu is a racist term and no right thinking individual would dispute that assumption.  That struck me as nonsensical.  I wish Ms. McEnany had said so, but because the Washington Press Corps is comprised of anti-Trump activists – as evidenced by their typically silly, clearly biased questions – she was kept busy playing a sort of Space-Invaders game responding to the group’s more egregious attempts to denigrate the work of the current administration.

I admire Ms. McEnany’s preparation.  She frequently refers to organized material in a notebook on the podium from which she cites verifiable information in refutation of most of the claims made by the activist press corps on a given day.  I also, to a degree, admire her patience with the often childish behavior and inane questions shouted at her by several of the activists in the room.

As a citizen, can you imagine wasting an opportunity to ask a member of the administration real questions about serious matters relevant to the well-being of the republic?  What passes for journalism today is sorry spectacle irrelevant to the lives of most of this nation’s people.

Four Days Off

Since gyms have reopened in Tennessee and since I’ve been working from home since mid-March, I’ve been lifting weights/strength training about six days a week.  When it’s not pouring rain and I feel like it, I ride my bike to the fitness center.  My routine’s been to awaken around 4:00 am, drink a cup of coffee and read the news on the Internet, then head out.  Thursday, I took a day off work to drive to another town with my wife and skipped the early morning weight room workout.  Yesterday morning, I felt unreal tired after getting up, had a cup of coffee, read the news, went back to bed.  Same thing today.  Anyway, I’ve been fighting off a sore throat/cold so I probably need the rest.

I’ll probably sleep in tomorrow, too.  Dunno yet.  That would make four days off.

That Sharpie pen scribble is something I drew on a grocery bag probably 25 years ago, at least.  Found it folded up in a drawer at my mom’s house when we were going through papers, shredding stuff.  I probably should export it to Illustrator and have it put on a T-shirt.Eep

I’ve reread the post and found it has too much since.

Leftist Voter Fraud Strategy

This is more stuff that should be obvious even to the meanest intelligence –