Four Days Off

Since gyms have reopened in Tennessee and since I’ve been working from home since mid-March, I’ve been lifting weights/strength training about six days a week.  When it’s not pouring rain and I feel like it, I ride my bike to the fitness center.  My routine’s been to awaken around 4:00 am, drink a cup of coffee and read the news on the Internet, then head out.  Thursday, I took a day off work to drive to another town with my wife and skipped the early morning weight room workout.  Yesterday morning, I felt unreal tired after getting up, had a cup of coffee, read the news, went back to bed.  Same thing today.  Anyway, I’ve been fighting off a sore throat/cold so I probably need the rest.

I’ll probably sleep in tomorrow, too.  Dunno yet.  That would make four days off.

That Sharpie pen scribble is something I drew on a grocery bag probably 25 years ago, at least.  Found it folded up in a drawer at my mom’s house when we were going through papers, shredding stuff.  I probably should export it to Illustrator and have it put on a T-shirt.Eep

I’ve reread the post and found it has too much since.

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