Expedition Called on Account of Reunion…

On the phone today – I was checking up on our little seamonkey, and my wife was having lunch with my mom at Mom’s house – my wife asked whether I remembered a family reunion scheduled for tomorrow, around lunchtime. Nope. Didn’t recall, but we have to attend. I had the happy thought (actually have mixed feelings about skipping worship service with Cafe Church) that I’d just skip church, Sunday, and paddle then. But Caution-Lady reminded me we have a friend coming over to the house to have lunch with us. Maybe the Elk River will still be there next weekend.

I plan to cope by getting under the Soloflex, mowing, applying another coat of 303 to Campsis Radicans’ deck. I found that tube of Aquaseal I used when I replaced an ankle gasket on my drysuit. There’s a place where that gasket doesn’t seem to be adhering as it ought to, so I’m going to try to stick it down again. The guy at Amigo’s Drysuit Repair said he thought Aquaseal, applied liberally enough, will stick anything down. Once that’s cured, I’ll send the suit in for that knee patch repair.

I'll have to reinstall the software - the adapter lamp's not working when called upon
I’ll have to reinstall the software – the adapter lamp’s not working when called upon

Caution-Lady’s mom and dad brought an HP scanjet with slide and film scanning capability the last time they visited, week after Easter. I’ve finally hooked it up and will try scanning some slides from the 1950s and 60s shot by my mom’s second husband. Trips to Yosemite, California coast, boat-building, camping, etc. The HP software’s balking just now, and I’ve got to fool with it.

Have made some progress in getting the scanner to operate
Have made some progress in getting the scanner to operate

A number of these slides are posted on this page


Last week bought a Sony Handycam with 60gb harddrive and a memory card slot so that Caution-Lady can record the vidworthy antics of little 76. It arrived yesterday, so maybe I’ll try it out today and post some video of my now much-faded Campsis Radicans – a name no longer matching the kayak’s deck color.

First assembly of E68 in September, 2005.

Yesterday I bought a replacement skin for the E68 that will, I hope, likewise confuse, due to the brightness of its red, those expecting the boat to somehow match its botanical name. I’m ordering some 303 Aerospace Protectant to evit future fading.

Compare the photo above with the photo a couple of posts below taken Monday 30 June 2008. That’s quite a bit of fade in a little less than three years of use, especially in light of the fact the boat’s been stored, for the most part, disassembled in its bags in a clean, dry boatshed. Here’s a video I took late this morning with the Sony illustrating the deck’s current fade:

When the new (slightly used, actually) skin arrives, I’ll photograph it next to the old and post the picture here. The replacement skin will have a hatch on the foredeck I plan to make use of for a couple of small drybags and lunch, thereby reducing deck-clutter.

Why am I writing this stuff instead of paddling today, Independence Day 4 July 2008? I guess I want to finish reading a novel, lift, do some housework, wash the car, instead. Freedom, ain’t it grand?

Yes, it is.