Annual Go For A Ride By Yourself Day

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Last Wednesday, April 1, 2015, was the Fifth (?) Annual Go for a Ride By Yourself Day and that is what I had planned to do.  Maybe a short 10 or 15 mile ride to get a breath of fresh air conducive to clear thinking.  But Wednesday was a busy day and during my two or three free hours in the early afternoon, I found they were not so free and got some stuff done, instead.  By late afternoon, though, my son and I were going to take a quick ride after doing some chores and messing around outside.

Then, my wife got home from her job and the three of us set out for a family bike ride.  We rode less than five minutes before our boy crashed after hitting a gravel patch.  His cycling gloves were in his trouser pockets so, in addition to scraping his knee painfully, the pavement tore a flap loose on the palm of one hand.  We all walked back to the house, my wife pushing her bike, I pushing mine.  I walked back for our son’s bike after unlocking the house.

Not long after that, it was about to be time for Wednesday meeting, and I drove over to the where our congregation gets together for midweek coffee, dessert, discussion.  When I got back home , though, I greeted my family and then took the Supernova for nighttime solo ride around the neighborhood.  Afterward, I turned in and slept.

Community Service Work

A scenic stretch of road for trash pick-up

A scenic stretch of road for trash pick-up

I like doing community service work and, for the record, have never been court or otherwise ordered to it.  One of the things I like best about my membership in the local bicycle club is that it gives me the opportunity to serve the community by participating in various projects.  Sunday, I got to spend the afternoon cleaning up roadside trash along a picturesque highway just outside of town.  Sure, I got my foot wet with muddy ditchwater and skewered one of my hands with thorns, but it did me good to get outside and do a little work.  I would say that 90 percent of the trash I picked up was food and beverage containers – the contents go into the motorist’s mouths and the bottles, cans, and wrappers go out the car windows.

It was pretty out there, and here are a couple of pictures.  Click on them to see full-sized images.

Cornfield recently combined

Cornfield recently combined

Barns in the distance - same cornfield seen over the hedge

Barns in the distance – same cornfield seen over the hedge

Fence, tree, and cornfield

Fence, tree, and cornfield

Presidents Day Ride


I remember many years ago my friend Klaus describing a paid day off as a “Blessed Event.”  Long weekends for me are times to get things done I haven’t taken time to get done.  Time to catch up.  Imagine if our nation’s first president was the same sort of self-serving popinjay currently infesting the White House? We wouldn’t have lasted 10 years; we may not last another 10.  I propose to enjoy and use my freedoms, given by my Creator, for as long as I can.

Saturday morning, I helped clean off an already pretty clean stretch of highway with the bicycle club I joined last Fall.  Spending time with a few other local cyclists while performing a public service was a pleasant way to spend the morning.  Afterward, I got to visit in a neighboring city (identified elsewhere on this blog as Pixilie or Pixiley) some of the people I like best hereabouts.  Then, back to the house and did laundry, some cleaning, and played with my son.  We ran a few laps around the house, kicked a ball, and went for a neighborhood walk.  I planned to go for a bike ride, but my wife had to work in her classroom and prepare lesson plans, so I stayed home while our son slept.

Sunday, I thought I’d get to ride, but for some reason unknown to me, I spent a lazy day doing nothing but attending worship service and laying around the house eating oranges and cashews like a barbary ape.  I also watched a lot of TV on Netflix.

This morning, my son and I cleaned.  He picked up a few of his toys in the den and I cleaned my bathroom, did some laundry, swept and mopped my bathroom, the kitchen, nook, and laundry room.  Reorganized part of the kitchen, threw away some four-year-old Snapple, and sorted some other odds and ends.  We drove over to my mom’s house for lunch, then Mom looked after my son while I went home for a bike ride.

I managed to get out on Miyata for a little while.  The high temperature today was supposed to be about 66 degrees, Fahrenheit, but there was a howling wind.  Here’s what National Weather Service had to say about it:


And here’s what Cyclemeter reported about the ride – my friend, Adrian, charitably suggested that I reckon the effort I made pedaling today would have sufficed for twice the distance on a less windy day:

Cyclemeter Capture

I took a few photos during my ride, here they are.  One of the Christmas gifts I was given last year is a medium-sized seat bag.  I’ve put it on the Miyata because it doesn’t have a rack to carry stuff.  Today the bag held not only the usual contents of all my trouser pockets, but also a Park multi-tool and four generic fig-newton cookies in a small zip-lock bag.