Camera Found & Blackburn Flea Update

My camera was in my backpack, where it’d evidently been since my most recent trip to Gallatin.  I hadn’t realized before this how photo-driven is my blog posting.

I got a call yesterday from the M.O.A.B. warranty guy who said the store had received the defective replacement unit I mailed to them on Saturday, had themselves found the unit defective, and that Blackburn has agreed to again replace the unit.  This time, M.O.A.B. will ship the light to my house.

Yahoo 360 Closing

I predicted this would happen, and it is happening. long ago abandoned its bloggers to some of the worst servers and software. The fact that is closing down is a good thing.

Now that I’ve downloaded my content in one 20 mb zipfile archive, I’ll have to figure out whether it can be imported here on WordPress.

I don’t have time for this today.