Cafe Church

Barnchurch has moved. Now we’re meeting in a cafe that’s due to open in about a month, but is scheduled closed Sundays and Mondays. Name of the restaurant is, I think, Flat-Iron Cafe. The owner told me he has plans to air Bluegrass music Friday and Saturday nights over the radio.

I like boats, and spend as much time as possible paddling them, so Sunday’s Luke 5 sermon about putting out into deeper water and fishing different was one I liked. As a younger man I spent time drunk in Tiberias, on the shore of Galilee. Can’t recall whether or not I took a swim there. But I can recall the sun glinting off the water. Some Israeli kayakers have posted photos from a Sea of Galilee kayak camping trip here.

It’ll be interesting to see what Cafe Church catches several miles down the road from Loathsome Stepford. Maybe some folks who wouldn’t set foot inside a brick shoebox will stop by the blue metal building. Maybe it’ll be easier for the people listening in to Sunday morning’s radio sermons to actually find and visit the congregation.