Reading Seventy-Six to Sleep

While my wife bathed, I held little Seventy-Six and read to him from Thomas Nettles’ By His Grace and For His Glory, a book Amazon finds currently unavailable.  Although I’ve just started reading this history of the doctrines of grace in Baptist faith and life, I find its style what I expect from a clear-thinking man who has got his mind around what it is he wishes to say.  Seventy-Six listened for a long while as I read aloud, then began trying to turn a page after grasping it.  Because I hadn’t finished reading that page yet, I gave him his blanket instead, and he soon fell asleep.

Burp or Barf

Babies sometimes burp and barf, although burping’s supposed to prevent that second B-word.

Later in the day, usually around 7:00 pm another series of B-words comes into play – Bath, Book, Bottle, and Bed.

Although Daddy’s gorge rises during sticky, stinky diaper changing, the baby’s barf has mercifully so far failed to result in paternal regurgitation.