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Skip this post if an off-the-cuff and free discussion of a few of my own opinions about politics in the U.S. is something you’re not interested in, is something that’ll upset you and interfere with your ability to function at home, work, or school.

Red State versus Blue State

This should be obvious to anyone who’s honestly given the matter thought.  Some newsroom media gatekeepers back when this dichotomous metaphor was introduced into the national dialogue/propaganda-stream and applied to Republican and Democrat leaning states or voting districts, respectively, made the color distinctions on the basis of left-leaning bias.  Let me explain.

In what passes for societal understanding today, the color red is in popular culture construed to represent extreme anger or danger.  See, for instance, that children’s film, Inside Out.  The little red guy is Anger.  And although blue may be said to connote depression – and this actually is in large measure applicable to leftists – blue also in our society connotes courage and steadfastness.  For instance, the old phrase, “True Blue,” as defined Merriam-Webster online dictionary means “unswerving loyalty, as to a party.”

Now, can you imagine what would have happened if the media-gatekeepers and their political handlers had reversed the color-coding?  In terms of metaphorical truth-telling and societal folk-meaning, election maps both local and national would have shown huge swaths of Blue whereas smaller sections of Red would have indicated concentrations of left-leaning, socialist, or stealth-communist voter populations.  The color Red is commonly associated with communism.  This would have been too much for the mainstream media to have to explain away on a frequent basis, so it was clearly the smart thing, in order to advance the cause of Democrat Party stealth-socialism to label conservative voting states and districts Red and their own as Blue.  That is what advances their “narrative.”

As to the actual symbolism of the American flag, I recall learning in elementary school that White represents purity and innocence, Red represents the blood shed by our Revolutionary War forebearers, and Blue represents their courage and fortitude.  A slightly differing but probably more accurate explanation of the American flag’s color symbolism may be found here.  And White – as a symbol of purity, of innocence?  There’s no place in what passes for public discourse for that idea.

Why isn’t anybody talking about this?

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Am I the only one who sees this?  Bulging eyes and shocking teeth like the Silent Era vampire, Count Orlock from the film, Nosferatu.


Vampires are the hominid parasites of folklore


Socialists are the human parasites of the present day