I Liked This Picture

UPDATE 11-7-20 – I just checked the Six-Dollar T-shirt site and was unable to find the shirt designs that so entertained they motivated this blog post.  Now I’m sorry I didn’t copy the images to my hard drive and post them from there.  Bummer. 

I clicked on a Facebook “sponsored” link that took me to http://www.threadpit.com’s Facebook store. Saw some T-Shirt designs I thought must’ve arisen out of some intellectual and developmental impairment, but saw a couple I really liked.

Here’s one – Dropping the F-Bomb – cracked me up when I first saw it.  I hate it in that green color, though.  Makes it look like something a pot-head would wear – you remember those kids who left campus to smoke behind the library at lunch-time.  Wore washed out looking browns, blacks, greens with mismatching colored jackets, dingy white socks, dirty hair, as if pot-smoking killed the color-sense center in their brains.  Maybe it did.

Droppin the F-Bomb

Droppin’ the F-Bomb

And here’s one I liked even better:

Acting My Shoe Size

Acting My Shoe Size

Say a Cussword & the Other Hand

I’ve about cussword had it with WordPress redirecting my expletive browser every time I come to this site to edit or check blog stats. Yes, I cussword know I can have as many WordPress blogs as I mild expletive well want. I curse the excrement for gray-matter fool at WordPress who made the decision to implement the laughably stupid redirect “strategy,” as well as the equally half-witted yesling who suggested it.

On the other hand, I’m pleased that we’re getting much needed rain here at Loathsome Stepford. My neglected lawn has been crunching, of late, as I walk upon it. Even more rain would be welcome.

LATER: They fixed it.  No more redirects, and all I had to do was make an angry, somewhat rude, blog post!  Thanks WordPress!