Day Before

Today is the day before I am scheduled to undergo shoulder surgery to remove bone spurs on my acromium, “clean up” a supraspinatus partial thickness tear, and possibly fix muscle to bone should that appear necessary.  With a titanium screw.  Won’t exactly make me a cyborg, but I’ll relate a little better than I already do to Marvel Comics character Cable.  Blood and Metal limited series drawn by John Romita, Sr., has always been a favorite.

I have been working hard in the new house to get junk hauled off that the previous owners left, empty and break down boxes, remove the old boxes, clean and reorder shed and storage rooms, as well as attic and garage.  Yesterday picked up sticks, ran the line-trimmer, mowed, cleared off the debris with a leaf-blower.  I’m trying to get as much done as possible while I still have use of both arms.  Unsure whether I’ll be able tie my own shoes come Thursday.

The shoulder pain has been chronic for some time now, and of late has been growing worse.  I am disappointed the painful cortisone injection, short-term narcotics therapy, and  rather pleasant, longer-term physical therapy were all in their own ways ineffective.

Dunno yet how long I’ll be off work.  Ugh.


We took him back to the pediatric surgeon yesterday because the bump on his brow, previously identified as a dermoid cyst that had apparently resolved back around Thanksgiving, has become appreciably more pronounced.  The doctor recommended surgery, and we have scheduled it.  Day surgery.  The doctor said he didn’t see anything that caused him to expect complications.  He said that should any problem arise during surgery, the team has everything necessary to contend with any (and here, I thought of the word, contingency, but the aged physician said) happenstance.

The clerk at the desk gave us a set of feeding instructions to begin the day before surgery.  Scheduled it for the latter part of next month.