Thanksgiving Day Ride 2014


With two days off mid-week, I got a couple of rides in.  Yesterday afternoon, I rode through some of the local neighborhoods.  After running a couple of errands this morning, in the cold and damp, I put the local frisbee-golf course to better purpose than that designated for it by the City of Stepford.  Open fields and muddy, wooded tracks made a pretty good cyclocross course, as did some disused “Outdoor Classroom” nature trails.  Here’re two shots of the Origin8 Gary 2 handlebars on the Super Nova:


Then I rode through some of the city’s worst neighborhoods to get to Old Pixley Highway.  I turned left on J.C.Penny road; where it meets Bronze Bather Falls Road, though, instead of riding on down to the Falls, I turned left.  At the top of the hill, I stopped at the No Ethanol gas station and ate a Larabar.  Then, I rode the few miles back to the house in time to shower and change for Thanksgiving Day meal with the extended family.


While riding though the uneven terrain of open fields, as well as on twisting, muddy, rutted trails of the frisbee-golf course, my bike’s Continental Tour Ride tires handled and held up superbly.  Mud tends to cake up on the tires either side of the raised center strip.  The tires didn’t skid or slide at all on the muddy trails, in the leaves, over broken branches and slick wooden bridges.  On damp pavement, the tires also handled extremely well.  So far, so good, for the 2007 Jamis Super Nova rain and winter bike.  Below are a couple of pictures showing the manner in which mud cakes up on the Continental Tour Ride tires: