Frozen North & Merry Christmas

We drove up to the land of frozen, flat farmland yesterday.  Seventy-Six traveled well, as did his mother the Cautious One.  Stopped twice to refuel Thursday, and once to eat lunch.  Made it to our destination before nightfall.

This morning we’ve got to drive another 90 or so miles north and west to the home of the Cautious One’s maternal uncle and aunt.  We’ll take Thursday so that when it’s time to go, we can leave without waiting for anyone else.

12 degrees above zero

12 degrees above zero

It’s cold here.  12 degrees Fahrenheit (have I spelled it right?), and windy.  Temperature’s expected to drop to around 4 degrees this evening.

I’d thought about bringing my drysuit and checking with an outfitter about 20 miles away to see if I could rent a canoe for a 10 or so mile paddle/float down a nearby river.  I kind of wish now that I’d found room for the gear, but that river might be kind of iced-up along the edges.

My left shoulder’s still bothering me, and I think I will get the name of that specialist at Franklin and schedule an office visit.  The fact that I’ve skipped days paddling and gone easy on the strength-training hasn’t done a thing to reduce the pain.


If I don’t have the chance to update this page before the 25th, Merry Christmas to those of you who celebrate this holiday; best wishes to those of you who don’t.