Haircut & Crankset

Since the last time I posted, I ordered the Shimano 600 Biopace crankset from Michael at, which, including shipping, was about as cheap as what I’d been seeing on Ebay.  It should arrive sometime today.  I plan to take the Razesa, the axe-head pedals (MSK Lambda), and the crankset over to Luke’s for installation after work.

I’ve scheduled a haircut after work, too.  Usually every month to month-and-a-half I get it cut pretty short because it’s unruly when long.  Last time, for an experiment, I didn’t get my eyebrows trimmed to see if my wife would notice.  She did.  I’m not going to get them trimmed very much today, either.  Heavy eyebrows on my asymmetrical visage bespeak the presence gravitas behind the otherwise undistinguished facade.  Hoping they’ll also reduce by catching the number of falling pollen particles that’ve been finding their way into my eye of late.


The Shimano 600 crankset with (bonus) bottom bracket and Biopace chainrings arrived near the close of business yesterday, and I dropped the bike, with pedals and the aforesaid off at Luke’s yesterday after my haircut.  I’m hoping to hear from him this evening that everything was bolt-onable without too much hassle.

Write-In Candidate

This was another rough day for the working parents of Little ’76…

My wife phoned me at work (we never call each other at work, we each understand that the other is busy working) as she drove home to tell me that the sitter called her saying that our baby cried for three hours. She said she called my mother, and that my mother and my sister-in-law came to our house, got Little Squall, took him to my mother’s house. The sitter returned to her home with her own infant. Did I want to have supper at my mom’s house? Yeah, sure. I had a haircut scheduled in the neighborhood, anyway. Then planned to go vote before going home.

Supper at Mom’s took basically all evening, but I drove to the polling place and voted before the meal was served. The office of Constable was on the ballot without candidate, so I voted for myself as write-in candidate. I also cast a ballot for myself as write-in candidate for state representative, and Stepford city alderman. Why not? I voted against measures that would have given the city board of aldermen greater discretionary powers, and in a small, contrarian way attempted to subvert Stepford’s established order.

Finally, back at home, I was about to get on the Soloflex to work chest, shoulders, and triceps when friends from Nashville telephoned about meeting in M’boro – yeah, that’s Nigerian – for supper Saturday. Wound up talking way longer than I normally ever talk on the phone.

Then I wasted some time, and now it’s time to crash.

Several Things

First thing is the image above – I’ve been meaning to scan front and back of this calendar page for weeks, now. Morass. Turns out to have been derived from a Dutch word. Funny that the example sentence is an adoption sentence. A baby’s a good outcome. We didn’t find ours among the rushes, however, I’m hoping to have him out in the RZ-96 with us by September, when the weather’s still fine but not as punishingly hot as August. Seven months – should have a good baby pfd by then. I like this one from Salus – have a look at the demo-video.

Today Frasier, the ninth season on DVD, arrived. We already have the other seasons, so this completes our collection. Although I enjoy the show, sometimes I can’t watch because I’m too embarrassed for the protagonist. Sometimes I get up and leave the room before Grammer’s character makes the gaff I know is coming. I know, it’s silly. Probably not DSM-IV behavior, but strange. We hadn’t seen the first two eps from season nine, and I was able to sit through them both in their entirety. Cricket hunting. That was funny. Grammer played Frasier sometimes like a cross between Herman Munster and Jack Benny.

Another thing about Kelsey Grammer – doesn’t he bear a striking a resemblance to the late Bob Hope. I suspect they’re related.

Yes, I know my dad was not what is known popularly as a saint, although there’s a possibility he may have fit the biblical def – I’ll have to wait and see. I was still pretty steamed when I wrote that blog entry. When next I vent about family here, I reckon I’ll have to expect family to read it. D’oh!

Caution-Lady’s a little worried about the weather for camping this weekend – 50% chance of thunderstorms Friday, and 40% chance that night. She’d like us to stay in a motel that first night, then in the tent Saturday overnight. Getting her to camp-out at all is a big step, and probably more so with our infant son. I’m still debating bringing the redboat (a single) or the blueboat (a tandem). The tandem takes up a huge amount of space, even when packed in its bags. Either way, if we take a boat, we’ll have to rent a van or SUV. I’ve got to get that taken care of today.

Then gotta get my expedition headshave for no-hassle camping hair.

Weighed-in yesterday (it’s now Tuesday morning), and hit 169.4 (or something like that) on the scales fully clothed, although I had emptied my pockets and exhaled. Up 1.8 pounds from last week, but then I wore light-weight shoes, t-shirt, and shorts.