Riding Gallatin: Lock 4 Road

Last week I worked at Gallatin.  To the good, my colleagues at that place are a congenial group of professionals oriented to reality and who appear to manifest the sort of ordinary goodwill that is growing ever more difficult to discern in the agency that employs me.  Certainly, working conditions there are considerably better than those in the place my position is currently housed.  Also to the good, I got to take a bike and on every one of the four evenings I stayed over, I rode from the Hampton Inn parking lot across Nashville Pike and down Lock 4 Road to Sumner County Park and back again before supper.  Each evening, I rode close to deer in the park that did not appear frightened of me.  I had lunch a couple of days with the man at Gallatin who performs the work I do.  One day I ate lunch at Top Hog Barbecue.  I finished reading a biography of William Carey.  I worked with very interesting clients.  My hotel’s staff was efficient and friendly, the breakfasts served were not bad, parking was free, and the hotel, itself, was within easy walking distance to a number of reasonably priced chain restaurants.  To the bad, I spent the week away from my family.  Also, the contrast between a normal working environment and my own office will be horribly evident when I return there tomorrow.


Because the shifters on the Razesa need replaced (and I ordered a set of Rivendell Silver [downtube] Shifters that arrived while I was gone), I took the Miyata 610 with me.  I replaced the Selle Italia racing saddle with a tacky-looking Mongoose mountain bike saddle and find it improved ride comfort considerably.  The Miyata appears to have all of its original Sun Tour components; they have a utilitarian beauty.  I took a lot of bike pictures – click on the thumbnails to see the full-sized images.