Derelict Clark Forklift

A few weeks ago, I rode my bike to Strip Mall Church and got there early.  I observed a derelict forklift in the alley beside the building and parked near its wall.  Many years ago, I operated one of these propane forklifts while working for a California company that stamped parts out of sheet metal.  Who knows why someone would leave a piece of equipment outside to rust when it could be parted-out on Ebay or sold outright for scrap; cannot say whether anybody would restore something like this.

Derelict Clark propane standard transmission in-house forklift

Derelict forklift waiting to unload derelict trucks. The forklift similar to this I used to operate was a greenish color and had wheels suitable for some outdoor work.

A not very good for documentary purposes photograph of the forklift's steering wheel seen from front right three-quarter

Chrome still shiny.

Clutch, brake, accelerator pedals to Clark forklift

A standard transmission model forklift.

Cut-out CLARK logo

Cut-out CLARK logo, the thing that really attracted my attention to this forklift