Brief Update

Weight Watchers Amnesty

Because I’ve put on about four, maybe as many as five pounds since Thanksgiving (November 2010) and realized my eating habits have reverted to those of the average hog, I returned to Weight Watchers after an absence of nearly two years.  When I left WW, I’d earned a lifetime membership because I reached my target weight and kept the weight off for the (now forgotten) length of time specified.  I understood that it could be maintained by showing up and weighing-in once each month.  Several events occurred that kept me away – surgery, buying a new house and moving into it, school, occasional kayaking, and so forth in conjunction with the developing mobility of our little boy which has made fatherhood considerably more intensive, interesting, and free-time consuming.

I wound up skipping two or three months, and recall being told by one of the volunteers at the weigh-in reception table “if you miss a month, you have to pay for that month when you come back.”  Believing that, I just stayed away because I am way to cheap to pony up 30 to 40 bucks to pay off a weigh-in “debt.”

Last Saturday I showed up to find out whether there was some kind of amnesty program that would let a lapsed lifetime member come in from the cold, so to speak.  I walked in the right-hand door of the Lutheran church building (the left door has still not been fixed after about three years) and looked for my membership card in the Lifetime Member designated cardbox.  Not there.  Didn’t look good for amnesty.

“Chris, your card is in the back – wait a second, I’ll get it,” one of the women (whose name I am ashamed to say I’d forgotten and still don’t recall) said making eye-contact with me as I turned to the reception table.  When she came back, I asked whether they had some deal whereby I could start weighing-in again without springing for nearly (the card indicated) 24 months of missed weigh-ins.  The woman said that I had been mistaken about having to pay for each month missed.  All I had to do was pay $10.00 for the current weigh-in and $10.00 for each subsequent weigh-in until I got back within two pounds of target weight.  Their scale showed me at 2.6 pounds above the target weight.  All in all, not as bad as I had expected.

Train Table

Soon our little boy will celebrate his third birthday, and we have been looking on Craigslist to find a used train table to set up his Thomas and Friends trains and tracks.  I think I’ve found one with a bunch of extra track fairly cheap in a neighboring county, so will try to look at it this weekend, although I’ve got a bunch of deadline work to get done before next Monday.  If you’ve got a used train table and other stuff your kids aren’t using and you’d like to sell cheaply, give me a ring.


I’m continuing my work at the location that takes me past Industrial Park Lake, but that will hopefully end this month as the new guy is getting his official training this week.

Industrial Park Lake

Probably not an actual lake – maybe a very large pond.  For the past month or so I’ve worked at a location requiring me to drive past this intriguing body of water, and the other day I turned off and found the entrance to a dirt and gravel road that runs about halfway around it.  I noted three wooden picnic tables in good repair along the road.  Looks like a good place for primitive camping, and I found a stone fire-ring at near the table furthest from the main road.  Camping is probably prohibited here, but I saw no signs making any such declaration.  Next time I am in the neighborhood, I may have to paddle the large pond on my way back.  Here are a few of the photos I took: