Return to Asheville–Update


Apologies for the time-gap between this post and Return to Asheville – Part One.  As I noted earlier in this space, I have been catching up around the house and at work.  Also, late last Friday afternoon, 6 September, I was injured in a fall when I stepped into a hidden drainage ditch or trough alongside a commercial building to which I was walking to make a purchase.  I spent the evening seeking and obtaining treatment.  Saturday morning, early, I had already committed to assist with a century ride event’s registration, then spent the rest of the day trying to adjust to my sudden loss of easy mobility.  Plantar fasciitis does not hold a candle to this injury.


I want my sunroom back.

In addition to all that, on Friday 30 August, I found two young kittens on my front porch when I came home for lunch.  They were there in the evening, still, and my wife and I had to teach them to eat and drink.  We have yet to find a home for them.  I have an almost debilitating allergy to cats, especially, and to most other animals.  They’ve got to go, so getting rid of the kittens is a top priority.  If you want them, let me know; I’d probably drive fifty miles to give them away.

Another Note:

I’m still processing the photographs I took while at Asheville; they fall into five or six rough categories:  kayak; downtown buildings/architecture; downtown graffiti; bicycle tourism; people with whom I visited.  May get them done this evening.

Update:  Got more of them done, not finished.  9/11/13