Last Sunday I reinjured my lower back when, while seated, I lifted my son onto my knee so he could better converse with my wife and me.  I probably had been trying to “protect” the shoulder that’s been giving me trouble, and didn’t lift the way my body expected me to lift the 24# bambino.  Angry, screaming nerves instantly informed me there was a problem.

I tried to be careful throughout the remainder of the day, Sunday.  Monday morning I could not easily walk and had some trouble with the routine activities of daily living.  Called in sick, and later managed to get in to see my chiropractor.  The doctor’s really good, and I got some relief.  I’ve been continuing my physical therapy regimen for the shoulder, and my shoulder pain is only about a four now, on a scale of one to ten.

Two days ago, in the evening, or the morning, I don’t recall, I put my son in his high chair, and in making the careful arc downward to set him gently in the seat, felt something in my back almost audibly give way.  Today, I will see if I can get in to see the chiropractor again.  I can still touch my toes, but it is only with effort and a little time that I can manage it.

Yesterday our son had surgery at a nationally known children’s hospital, and it went well.  We were up at 3:50 and checked in the pre-op waiting room before 7:00.  The hospital doctors and staff were efficient and friendly, and all went well without any happenstance or apparent complication.  We will have a telephone consult with the surgeon in about 10 days as a follow up.  She said he will experience the healing process as probably nothing more painful or serious than a “deep cut,” and that it would be okay to give him some baby-Tylenol for a couple of days.  Seventy-Six rested well yesterday and slept through the night without incident last night.