Computer Problems

The Windows computer – a $380 HP refurb I bought in late 2016 from – I’ve used for work-from-home lately and most other tasks requiring computer or online presence since purchase – developed an inability to connect to local network or Internet. Tried multiple fixes with no joy.

Made do with an ancient mid-2013 Macbook Pro upgraded to 16gb RAM and running latest OS resulting in odd instabilities. For two or three weeks now the unstable – strange reboot loops as if the machine is responding to internal stimuli as well as other problems -MBP has been my workstation. A couple of weeks ago, I located a Macbook Pro with 2.9 Ghz i9 six core processor, 32 GB RAM and a 1TB SSD hard drive at Mac of All Trades and bought that. It arrived Monday.

After setting up the new computer and updating the OS to Big Sur, I noticed yesterday morning the OS failed to recognize my administrator password and TouchID as valid although it allowed me to log in to the computer using password for basic use. This problem I discovered after trying without success to get Migration Assistant to work on both laptops.

I tried several fixes, but the one that worked was this:

  1. I erased the Macbook Pro using the Find My feature from the 2013 Macbook Pro.
  2. Using Disk Utilities from the Command-R menu after rebooting the computer post erasure, I again erased (renaming at the same time) the Macbook Pro’s hard drive.
  3. I reinstalled the latest OS – Big Sur.
  4. I again set up the computer using the OS personalization regime.

This time both password and TouchID work for all administrative tasks I’ve needed. On the other hand, at about six hours using home Wi-Fi, Migration Assistant hung up for about another hour at “About One Hour Remaining.” I stopped that process and began using the computer. I will transfer files piecemeal as I have time. So, partial success.