Blackburn Flea Warranty Update


Earlier this week I telephoned to MOAB and spoke with their warranty guy.  He agreed to arrange another warranty replacement for the new red back light.  This time, I will be mailing it to the store and will receive the replacement in the mail.  These trips to Murfreesboro are too time-and-fuel-consuming.

The night before last, we had a severe storm here at Stepford and a power outage that lasted some four hours in late evening.  I used the Blackburn Flea front light as a flashlight (it was charged and in a desk drawer by the computer) and found it entirely satisfactory when used for that purpose.  My wife and son had real flashlights.


Yesterday, I drove out to MOAB bike shop at Murfreesboro and picked up the replacement red, rear light Blackburn shipped out as a warranty replacement for the one that’d quit working reliably, or rather had started to reliably quit every time my bike hit a bump in the road.  I took the replacement home, removed it from its packaging, and tried to turn it on.  No joy.

I plugged it in to a USB port on a PC to charge, but after several hours, all it would do was shine brightly and red for a few seconds while connected to the charger unit, although it flickered green to indicate a fully charged battery.  Tomorrow, I will be calling MOAB to complain about this second light, as well.

Another Busy Weekend Planned


Wonky rear light I purchased about a year ago from MOAB now quits working whenever the bike hits a bump. Totally useless. The flimsy straps that came with the lights snapped, one the first week, and the other within a few short months.

I called M.O.A.B., and the fellow there with whom I spoke said he thought Blackburn was replacing only the rear light, but the shipment won’t arrive until next week.  My wife suggested I wait to expend fuel I’ll use to return wonky bike repair stand to Murfreesboro until I can also pick up the replacement light or lights.   Maybe I will.heed that advice.

My wife’s parents are scheduled to arrive this afternoon or evening.  My wife and women from our former congregation have a Euchre card-playing party scheduled for this evening.  Saturday morning, our congregation has scheduled its monthly Men’s Breakfast, which I always enjoy.  Then, about midday, there’s a reunion to attend.

My in-laws are bringing with them a 40 or 50 year-old aluminum glider with blue-green vinyl upholstered cushions that we’ll put in the sunroom, where its color-scheme will fit right in.  We’ll be moving the plastic play-house out and probably try to sell it at a consignment store.

I’ve found a local guy who does powder-coating, which is probably the best way to render in British Racing Green the ancient Raleigh Sprite I recently brought back from Indiana.  Maybe I will get a ride in Saturday afternoon and Sunday afternoon.  It’s been too hot for me to ride my bike to worship and Wednesday services – the stink of my sweat would even offend me.