Orbea Mystery Ship

Turns out my new bike’s frame probably isn’t made of Columbus Starship tubing, according to the helpful inside sales representative at Orbea USA.  He thinks it is probably made from Columbus  XLR8R tubing.  That said, the frame lacks the usual decal or badge identifying the tubing’s manufacturer and type.  Both, according to the Columbus website, are at the high end of their various aluminum product lines.


On a group ride yesterday (I was able to ride all the hills I had to walk last weekend) the Orbea’s front derailleur cable delaminated and burst through its housing.  Bummer and an expense for me.  Today I drove over to Woody’s Bike Shop where Brian changed out all the bike’s cables and re-wrapped the bars in a blinding yellow that vibrates in harmony with that of the frame’s paint scheme.  I saved a hundred dollars by opting for ordinary, as opposed to Campagnolo cables and housing.  Also reduced the bar’s height by two spacers for better fit.  The visit with Woody and Brian was educational, too, and easily worth the longish drive.


Long past time clean & sweep the garage, as well as paint its interior. A realtor would call that 1974 paneling “dated.”

I rode about 28 miles this afternoon, and the last five or so miles, the seat provided a level of discomfort usually experienced only at about the 60 mile mark.  Either I’ll get used to the seat (which to the good does not numb my external genitalia), or I’ll replace it with another that will hopefully fit better.  Nice day for a ride, though.