Sing-Along Saturday Morning

The error that so irked my ass I had to quit blogging there was the loss of the post I composed Saturday, April 12, after listening to the previous day’s Steve Brown Etc. interview podcast. I’d included links to the guest’s , A. J. Jacobs, page, the Amazon.Com page describing his book, The Year Of Living Biblically. I made witty comments about Brown’s use of the term winsome – a word that bothers me possibly because not even my beloved and generally sweet-natured wife thinks it applies to me, and if it did apply, I would probably be disappointed in myself. Or not, I guess if I were winsome, I’d like being winsome – just wouldn’t know any better. It’s like the only things that can happen are the things that actually do happen. A present imperfect.

Anyway, this Jacobs guy is an agnostic, Jewish by birth, who made up his mind to spend one year living according to biblical laws governing personal conduct.  He spent most of the year adhering to those found in the Old Testament, then a few months concentrating on those found in the New.  Apparently before starting (makes it sound like a race, or an expedition, eh?) he found a variety of Jewish and Christian religious professionals and “experts” to advise him.  His wife, at least from what he said of her in the interview, sounds funny.  Jacobs, himself, is pretty funny, too.  And his voice reminds me of someone.  I think it’s that actor, Matthew Broderick.

The little guy was having some “quiet alert time” while I drank coffee, checked email, and generally tried to keep him balanced. He has a container, called a bassinet, that I’d situated next to my chair, but he fussed when confined to it. He fusses pretty often, and I think he should be conserving his energy for learning the alphabet, vowel sounds, numbers through ten, how to read. And growth spurts. He’s going to have to get taller if he’s ever going to reach the clutch, brake, and accelerator in the 850. Or, for that matter, the car’s steering wheel, and blinker, wiper, gear-shift levers.

I’m going to have to get Jacobs’ book (already on my Amazon wish-list), and read it aloud to El Ninito as a father-son bonding activity. Then we’ll sing cowboy songs and sea-chanteys.