Post-Surgery Rehabilitation

My first appointment with the physical therapist was Monday afternoon, and my wife came home from work, picked me up, and dropped me off there.  The entire staff minus two has completely turned over since I completed the my pre-surgery course of physical therapy.  Did not inspire much confidence.  The clerical staff had not communicated with my surgeon for orders, so the therapist was not clear on how to proceed.  In the end, they iced my shoulder, partially measured range of motion, and gave me some exercises to perform.

The back of my left wrist and left forearm are still numb, except when I reach too far, or reach with a straight back, or reach in whatever direction the nerves think is the wrong direction, it feels as if that wrist/forearm/hand are being torn inside out by those selfsame hundred nerve strands.  I still have some pain in my left foot.  The shoulder, itself, and trapezius are a little less painful than before surgery, and the pain is improving some day by day.

I have been walking a lot, because I cannot drive anywhere, and have been putting the arm in a sling.  Three to four miles at a time, I’d estimate.  Last night after supper, Caution-Lady, Seventy-Six (in his stroller), and I went for maybe a half to three-quarter mile walk in the neighborhood, and I forgot to use my sling.  Didn’t remember until we were already down the road, and I didn’t want to go back and get it.  I wish I had gone back to get it; its use makes an appreciable difference vis-a-vis attendant shoulder pain after only a short time.

I have been eating a little more per diem than had been my wont, but I’m attributing that to the fact that I’m getting more exercise daily than my normal sedentary occupation calls for.  Still painful to type for very long.

Tomorrow is my first post-operative check-up with the specialist who performed the surgery.