Thursday’s Leadership Lesson

If you

  • imagine yourself a leader;
  • if you have been elected to represent a constituency;
  • if you have been elected to serve as a governmental executive;
  • if you have been hired to supervise the work of others –

You had better quickly develop the ability to apprehend truth, and had better quickly develop a tolerance for it, if you hope to meaningfully succeed and accomplish lasting value.

If somebody tells you the truth, what’s happening is they’re risking the effort of bothering to communicate with a class of person not usually thought capable of apprehending, making, or communicating sense on the reckoned possibility that you are not an animal known for its tendency to cover itself with filth and feed upon garbage.

Mathew 7:6 Do not give that which is holy to the dogs, nor throw your pearls before the pigs, that they should not trample them with their feet, and turning they charge you.

Write-In Candidate

This was another rough day for the working parents of Little ’76…

My wife phoned me at work (we never call each other at work, we each understand that the other is busy working) as she drove home to tell me that the sitter called her saying that our baby cried for three hours. She said she called my mother, and that my mother and my sister-in-law came to our house, got Little Squall, took him to my mother’s house. The sitter returned to her home with her own infant. Did I want to have supper at my mom’s house? Yeah, sure. I had a haircut scheduled in the neighborhood, anyway. Then planned to go vote before going home.

Supper at Mom’s took basically all evening, but I drove to the polling place and voted before the meal was served. The office of Constable was on the ballot without candidate, so I voted for myself as write-in candidate. I also cast a ballot for myself as write-in candidate for state representative, and Stepford city alderman. Why not? I voted against measures that would have given the city board of aldermen greater discretionary powers, and in a small, contrarian way attempted to subvert Stepford’s established order.

Finally, back at home, I was about to get on the Soloflex to work chest, shoulders, and triceps when friends from Nashville telephoned about meeting in M’boro – yeah, that’s Nigerian – for supper Saturday. Wound up talking way longer than I normally ever talk on the phone.

Then I wasted some time, and now it’s time to crash.