Farmland, Candy, Rest & Gluttony

Farmland & Candy

No visit to Indiana is complete without a visit to Farmland General Store in the small town of Farmland; it’s where I usually buy rootbeer barrel candy, candy cigarettes, novelty vomit and other bad-flavored jelly beans.  Tennessee has one good candy store, too, the Apple Barn at Gatlinburg, but it’s easier, traffic-wise, to get to the store in Farmland than it is to get to the store in Gatlinburg.  Farmland’s a more attractive town, to boot.  This time, I bought a pound of rootbeer barrel and two pounds of horehound candy.  My wife bought a few packs of Pop-Rocks and acted like a silly kid while she was eating them.  Our son enjoyed the candy store, too.  He was too young to remember our visit to the Apple Barn.


Rest & Gluttony

We spent a day with my wife’s extended family at the home of her uncle and aunt, about two hours distant from the farm.  We left in the morning and didn’t get back until evening.  For me, it was a day of enforced rest – no possibility of exercise activity but assured access to a great deal of summer holiday food – grilled burgers, hotdogs, brats, sides, and desserts.  I overate, but not to the point of painful discomfort.  On the way there and back we passed a sign my wife said always made them laugh when they were kids; I leave you with a photo to make you laugh.