Road I.D. Black Sport Band

Last Thursday, my Road I.D. sport band, in black, arrived in the mail.  I took pictures of the packaging, as well as the promotional material included with the band, but my photos turned out badly.  Still, bad pictures I can find are better than good pictures I cannot find if they can be used for illustrative purposes.  Two of the pictures I took could not be salvaged, but the others were useable.  Here they are:




The state of our housekeeping, here at Burnt Down Plantation Estates located in Lovely Stepford, Tennessee, is such that I didn’t keep the packaging after photographing it.  Because of that clutter reduction strategy, there was not a photo re-do.

Once I removed the band from its card, the engraved metal plate was easily migrated from the original bright yellow band to the black band.  I wore it for the first time last Saturday and again yesterday.  Haven’t been getting as many rides in over the past week or so, as I had been previously.

Below are photos of the yellow band, left, and the black band, right.  I normally wear the Road I.D. on my left wrist so its reflective properties have a chance to increase my visibility when riding.


The Miyata’s rolling a lot more smoothly now that I’ve had the hubs serviced – grease and bearings – by the guys at MOAB in Murfreesboro.  Good work done at a reasonable price.

Here are a few pictures from my rides last Saturday and yesterday:






Update: Unexpected Delays

Why would UPS have anything to do with the United States Post Office?  Strange.  Dunno which of the two confused this shipment's routing.

Why would UPS have anything to do with the United States Post Office? Strange. Dunno which of the two confused this shipment’s routing.

Road I.D.

I checked the UPS tracking number provided by Road I.D. to locate the black sport band they sent last week.  Turns out it almost made it here, then got re-routed to Arizona, and is probably on its way back to Road I.D. in Ohio, or to me.  Time will tell.  I’ll take some photos and post them when the package arrives.

Miyata 610

When I drove to the bike shop this morning, I expected to return with the Miyata.  As I was about to pay for the service and leave with it, I noticed the shift cables were really slack, and asked about it.  The manager seemed surprised and took it back to the workshop and examined it on a repair stand.  He examined the ticket.  I explained why I brought the bike in.  He said the fellow who checked the bike in and wrote up the ticket hadn’t noted my concerns.  He and a mechanic looked at it and we agreed that the lead mechanic should take a look at it.  Hoping it will be done by Saturday.

I’ve still got the Razesa to ride because neither of those who expressed interest in buying it actually did so.  Maybe I’ll get a ride in someday this week.

Traffic Court

My ticket was dismissed.  Smile

Responsible Adulthood

So, here I was with a day to get stuff done and didn’t really have a bike I felt comfortable taking for a long ride in lousy weather.  What did I do?  I cleaned bathrooms and took care of another responsibility I’d been procrastinating about doing.

Road I.D. Bracelet

10/6/14 – A quick updateThe excellent folks at Road I.D. saw my review and are sending me out a Wrist I.D. Sport band in black.  Thank you! This time, I will take photographs and save them to a location I can remember so that I can post them to this site.  The level of care this company takes in its product, its product presentation, and its customer service is astoundingly good and ought to be a model for more specialty goods manufacturers.  Kudos to you, Road I.D.!

Yellow Road I.D. Sport Band - note the apparently gray stitching?  It's extremely reflective.  I wear the band on my left wrist to be more visible to motorists.

Yellow Road I.D. Sport Band – note the apparently gray stitching? It’s extremely reflective. I wear the band on my left wrist to be more visible to motorists.

Back during the summer, my mom asked me why I didn’t have a Road I.D. bracelet, then bought me one.  I chose a bright color, although I would have preferred black.  When my loud Road I.D. arrived, I put it on and left it on for the rest of the day.  At one point I walked through a room with a mirror and the bracelet’s 3M reflective stitching caught my eye, although I’d been looking where I was walking.  Had I known of the stitching’s reflective properties were so bright, I’d’ve ordered the black version.

The product shipped in the most attractive packaging I think I’ve seen any product shipped in.  The bracelet, itself, is the Sport or velcro version, in Large, and it’s fit is somewhat adjustable.  The metal name and information tag is removable, and can be transferred to a bracelet of a different color, as well as another model band.  Road I.D. faithfully and clearly reproduced on the metal tag the information I provided on the company’s website.  My only problem with the product is that I sometimes forget to wear it.

Somebody named Barbara did a great job packing the Road I.D., and someone in Marketing does a great job writing promotional material’s copy.  I took about 10 pictures of showing the bracelet and its packing material, but must have saved them in the wrong place because I can’t find them now.

I would recommend this product to other cyclists, as well as, maybe, runners.  If I’m found in a ditch on a day I remembered to wear it, first responders will know whom to notify.  It is whom, isn’t it?