Another Post Without A Picture

As the subject line says, another post without a picture.  Today, I changed the blog’s About page.

This weekend, I’ve made it to the gym twice – Sunday and this morning.  Early morning workouts when the gym’s nearly empty are good for me.  The Planet Fitness in Stepford finally installed a bike rack, but it’s outside and not visible from inside the facility, so that’s not going to be one of my cycling destinations.  The shopping center where the PF’s located is high traffic and I’d be bummed to lose a bike to a drive-by thief.

Saturday took a 21 mile ride and today 24.  On the way home today, I ran into a fellow I know from the bike club and we rode a couple of hill loops near his house.  Got rained on just a little.

In a recent post about the local Ride of Silence, I may have implied that most of the folks in the bike club are on the snooty and effete end of the spectrum, but truth is there’re a lot of people in the club I like.

This afternoon, I drove over to the county seat to have lunch with some friends there. My wife and son had driven over earlier, while I was still riding.  The women were doing hair-coloring and, as I found out when I got there, assembling garden furniture in the living-room.  Theodore and I played a couple of games of Sequence against his wife and Caution-Lady.  They won a game, we won a game.

Back home, I’m getting some of my laundry done for the coming week.

And yes, on my mind today those who have lost their lives in defense of this country and our God-given freedoms.