Cold Week


It’s been a cold week in Stepford.  Temps one morning were in the low single digits, but my car’s dashboard trip computer reported the outside temperature was 10 degrees Fahrenheit.  The vehicle’s thermometer, though, ordinarily reports about 10 degrees higher than actual outside temperature.  No, I don’t have to be at work until about 8:30, but the clock’s also fast.


I went for one bike ride during the week, but only around the neighborhood.  After work during the week, I was not willing to suit up with layers of cold-weather bike clothes and put my life at risk sharing the roads with Stepford’s behind-the-wheel plant life.  Speaking of behind-the-wheel, here’s a windshield cartoon.  I most closely resemble the image at right.


Although we got a lot of snowfall, not much of it stuck, nor did we have much accumulation.   My son and I threw dry, powdery snowballs at each other when playing outside this week.  The snowballs many times were handfuls of snow that scattered like dust when thrown. 


We drew pictures in the snow and wrote messages because there wasn’t enough snow to build snow men.  My son revealed his mystery occupation in a snow message.  I’m thinking that, unless he’s truly a member of Barak Obama’s army of darkness or Homeland Security version of Stasi, he was influenced by having watched Spy Kids 1 & 2 here recently.  Because due to some happy providence, I am not a spy, my message revealed a different identity and my boy followed suit.

Snow Day

Snow Oak TreeBirdbath

Stepford City Schools called a snow day this past Monday, 12/13/10, which is pretty unusual because the district runs no buses and therefore takes no responsibility for getting its students safely to and from any of the city’s several schools.  My wife was surprised and happy to have a day at home to grade papers and to spend with our young son.  I did the same thing I do just about every day and went to work.  I took a couple of photos out front before firing up the 850 and driving to the office.

The road out of town was pretty well covered up with ice and snow.  A four-lane, the highway had only two useful lanes open – one going each way.  I passed a roadside shack that will probably be demolished sometime in the next couple of months as that part of the highway is widened.

While driving along the road where my office is located, I passed snow-covered locomotives and disused passenger cars destined soon, I expect, for the scrapyard.  Picturesque apparitions.

I expected that my client, who twice before failed to present as schedule, would again fail to present.  Although initially disappointed by the fact that the client showed up, I found this one an interesting and clear-headed subject for interview and testing who was interested  in and wanted to know the true implications of test results.  Really, a pretty good day’s work.  On the way home, I stopped at the supermarket and bought things to bring home, where I was greeted by the people I love most.