Cold Week


It’s been a cold week in Stepford.  Temps one morning were in the low single digits, but my car’s dashboard trip computer reported the outside temperature was 10 degrees Fahrenheit.  The vehicle’s thermometer, though, ordinarily reports about 10 degrees higher than actual outside temperature.  No, I don’t have to be at work until about 8:30, but the clock’s also fast.


I went for one bike ride during the week, but only around the neighborhood.  After work during the week, I was not willing to suit up with layers of cold-weather bike clothes and put my life at risk sharing the roads with Stepford’s behind-the-wheel plant life.  Speaking of behind-the-wheel, here’s a windshield cartoon.  I most closely resemble the image at right.


Although we got a lot of snowfall, not much of it stuck, nor did we have much accumulation.   My son and I threw dry, powdery snowballs at each other when playing outside this week.  The snowballs many times were handfuls of snow that scattered like dust when thrown. 


We drew pictures in the snow and wrote messages because there wasn’t enough snow to build snow men.  My son revealed his mystery occupation in a snow message.  I’m thinking that, unless he’s truly a member of Barak Obama’s army of darkness or Homeland Security version of Stasi, he was influenced by having watched Spy Kids 1 & 2 here recently.  Because due to some happy providence, I am not a spy, my message revealed a different identity and my boy followed suit.

Windows 7, Rain, & Stepford Snow

Windows 7 Upgrade

Yeah, I know.  I’ve always been a Mac guy.  Build quality of the Apple hardware far exceeds anything I’ve ever seen on the PC side.  The Mac operating systems have always made more sense and offered more and better control of the computing environment. 

Well, as you know if you’re one of the people  who read this blog, I’ve recently purchased a factory refurbished HP laptop.  It shipped with Windows Vista installed, which I really enjoyed.  Sort of a monster the functionality of which was fun to discover.  But, because I purchased before 31 January 2010, HP offered a free upgrade to Windows 7.  Because free is where it’s at, baby, I signed up.

In due time the envelope containing the two-DVD upgrade suite arrived.  Disc One is a proprietary HP upgrade helper sort of thing containing a user interface and progs that evaluate the hardware and C-out reports and advice.  And here’s the thing – the advice printing to screen is worth following.  First time around, I ignored the suggestion to abort the upgrade then find and uninstall the program that uses “keyboard filter” before running the upgrade stuff again.  After what seemed like a very long time, with the actual Windows 7 disc running its install, the entire system and upgrade hung completely on a chkdsk countdown at 1.

After using the Macintosh to get online and research the problem, I rolled back to Vista on the laptop, found and uninstalled the HP Quick Keys program, and a couple of days later successfully ran the upgrade to 7 without the slightest hitch.

I have never had any similar problems upgrading Macintosh computer operating systems.

Anyway, I do like Windows 7, but it’s not as funky-genie-like as Vista.  Just pretty stable and functional using far fewer system resources.



What was it, a week ago, that we got all that rain.  Like Waterworld around here for a few days.  Got me thinking about the feasibility of installing a dry well out back and in front.



Got a bunch of snow here at Stepford yesterday.  Our offices were all closed at noon – I got home before the atmosphere began to really resemble a shaken snow-globe.

Snowed Overnight

I woke up this morning about 4:30 a.m. wanting a glass of water. Looked over at the clock saw its red-lit digits flashing, which indicates a power outage has occurred. As I walked to the kitchen, I noticed a lot more light coming in through the curtained windows than the porchlight accounts for. At the window over the kitchen sink, I pushed the sink curtain aside with the thumb of my right hand and looked out to see that about two or three inches of snow had fallen.

Worship service at the Flatiron was cancelled, so I spent the morning lazily accomplishing nothing. I did get out in the late morning and snapped a few pictures.