Tired Now

Mugging for the Camera

Finished the autobiographical puff-piece required for inclusion in the graduate program application, updated a resume, also for inclusion. I completed the online application yesterday. Still, it was a good exercise, taking stock of what I’ve done vocationally for the last 20 or so years – an inconsistent admixture of journalism and social work. At least God may not someday in judgment accuse me of burying what he’d given me to trade with. At least not those two talents.

Before printing, I’m going to get some sleep, then reread what I’ve written. I don’t think I’ve ever had the benefit of an editor who is my equal in the domain of written fluency. That’s not true, the wizened Larry Nee, although I strongly disagreed with him politically, was a good editor and taught me plenty. He was also capable of arguing and disagreeing amicably. Probably because he’s an old guy who paid attention to life while living it.

Will probably have to drive to the geographical center of Tennessee tomorrow to overnight express the material to Wisconsin. Already I’ve scheduled some time out of the office for a dental appointment. Cleaning, just cleaning.