Another Busy Weekend Planned


Wonky rear light I purchased about a year ago from MOAB now quits working whenever the bike hits a bump. Totally useless. The flimsy straps that came with the lights snapped, one the first week, and the other within a few short months.

I called M.O.A.B., and the fellow there with whom I spoke said he thought Blackburn was replacing only the rear light, but the shipment won’t arrive until next week.  My wife suggested I wait to expend fuel I’ll use to return wonky bike repair stand to Murfreesboro until I can also pick up the replacement light or lights.   Maybe I will.heed that advice.

My wife’s parents are scheduled to arrive this afternoon or evening.  My wife and women from our former congregation have a Euchre card-playing party scheduled for this evening.  Saturday morning, our congregation has scheduled its monthly Men’s Breakfast, which I always enjoy.  Then, about midday, there’s a reunion to attend.

My in-laws are bringing with them a 40 or 50 year-old aluminum glider with blue-green vinyl upholstered cushions that we’ll put in the sunroom, where its color-scheme will fit right in.  We’ll be moving the plastic play-house out and probably try to sell it at a consignment store.

I’ve found a local guy who does powder-coating, which is probably the best way to render in British Racing Green the ancient Raleigh Sprite I recently brought back from Indiana.  Maybe I will get a ride in Saturday afternoon and Sunday afternoon.  It’s been too hot for me to ride my bike to worship and Wednesday services – the stink of my sweat would even offend me.

The Busy Wheel Again is Turning

And I have been too busy living my life to write about it, which is a happy circumstance.

Usually in the Fall of the year I find myself busy with:

  1. family activities (√)
  2. deadline work (√)
  3. yard work (√)
  4. reading (√)
  5. some miscellaneous time-consuming recreational activity (√)

Back in August I purchased a couple of bicycles – one for me and one for my wife.  Mine is a low-end Trek Navigator I and my wife’s bike is an Electra Townie with step-through frame.  I’ve had more fun cycling than I’ve had kayaking simply because I can cycle from my driveway whereas I’ve got to load up gear and rack the boat then drive someplace to paddle.  Pedal.  Paddle.  Odd how similar the sounds.  A couple of Sundays I’ve pedaled to worship service – not a long distance, but it feels like a longer way because I’ve got a destination in mind when I set out, as opposed to monkeying around riding through the neighborhoods hereabouts.

Last Saturday, I plug-aerated my lawn after mowing and overseeded with rye-grass for winter.  If the weatherman ever calls for rain again in these parts, I’ll spread some granulated fertilizer on the lawn.  But I’ll try to get my overlaps right to avoid the striping I achieved back in the Spring.

Saturday evening my mom came over to the house and as a family we burned hotdogs and marshmallows over a cheap ceramic “fire-pit” I picked up last year.  We ate dinner in the rebuilt sunroom at the back of the house.

These sorts of activities have taken precedence over writing about them and, although I continue to develop insight and understanding about the order of the universe around me and in which I find myself embedded, there’s just not a lot of time or energy left over to present that material here.

Trek Navigator 1 on a Sunday

My low-end Trek Navigator 1 parked in the congregational meeting place window a few Sundays ago. I've got some lights for it, now.