Black Lives Don’t Matter

any more than any other lives matter. 

Read it all together – Black lives don’t matter any more than any other lives matter.

I think lives matter to individuals on an individual basis and are evaluated by individuals on character traits as well as behavior.  Lives of family members matter or not on the basis of similar criteria, but also within the context of familial affection and family culture obligation.

For example – the life of a Charles Manson has less value than the life of just about anybody who’s not a manipulative mass murderer.  The life of violent street mob member is less valuable than the life of a public school custodian who is not a member of a violent street mob.  The life of a robber is less valuable, often, than the life of the person robbed.  And so forth.

Furthermore, as I’ve written earlier in this space, life isn’t color-coded.  Seriously, it’s not.

Hey Tameka, Watch Your Mouth

Chicago’s unwell-looking mayor, Lori Lightfoot, made an asinine and threatening Twitter comment to the White House press secretary, Kayleigh McEnany.  Lightfoot and the entire Illinois Democrat apparatus are derelict in maintaining rule of law and carrying out the legitimate work of government in a constitutional republic.  Ms. McEnany cast no ‘racial’ aspersions, it was Ms. Lightfoot who whistled up her dogs.

Tameka = Karen

That’s right, Tameka = Karen.  Both are run of the mill, common names within the Black and White cultural groups, respectively.

We’ve heard a lot about so-called Karens lately –that woman in a New York city park walking her dog off the leash and upset because a Black birdwatcher threatened to lure her dog over to him because she didn’t comply with his, in a way, reasonable request is the most well known version of this usage.  If you click on the Quara link – linked to the word “Karens,” above – I prefer the Geoff Hathaway version although he errs when he labels as Karens Black women behaving badly.

Equality is equality.  I mean, shouldn’t every subgroup have its own label?

Let’s pick a more typically Black female name for those women – to use a typically White name is a sort of cultural appropriation and fails to accurately reflect what we’re seeing in the larger society.

Hathaway’s also mistaken when he notes this bad behavior among women of color is a new phenomenon.  Humans have been behaving badly in ways that reflect the worst of  whatever our culture since the beginning of time, er, since there’ve been humans.  There’s a lot of documentation available to substantiate this.

Here are some recent Tamekas –

Those women arrested for attacking airline employees over a flight delay.

Another problematic airport encounter.  Who started it?  Who knows?  Isn’t “fighting words” a legal defense only in pre-1980 Texas?

There’re plenty of black female mob violence videos on the Internet.  You can find them yourself if you’re interested.  The nation would be shocked and in an uproar if the roles were reversed in terms of race/ethnicity in the videos linked above.

Comfort Speech Mandated By BLM/Antifa/SJWs/PC-Culture

Is comfort-speech required of all White people when interacting with all Black people?  Speech cannot be mandated – that’s unconstitutional.  What is ‘hate speech’ – is it any statement less than uncritically accepting of whatever behavior or person encountered by a White person?  Is a public beating the penalty for failing to smilingly and quickly comply with the BLM/Antifa/SJW/PC comfort speech mandate?

Not Racist

Nothing I’ve said here is racist.  What I’ve done mocked BLM/Antifa/SJW/PC-culture, Lori Lightfoot and Black women behaving badly.  I’ve criticized in other places and at other times my own cultural roots.

I despise the class warfare paradigm foisted upon this nation by the maintstream media and the Academy.  It’s Marxist. No good can come of it.

Instead of giving everyone or group a shot at the bottom and a turn with the whip, why not simply find means of equitable reconciliation and destroy the whip?  When we start openly airing our observations and discussing our thoughts and ideas, that’s something that might happen.