Quick Update

On Saturday I finished the brief course of antibiotics I’d been prescribed Thursday. I continue to take the antimicrobials as prescribed, however, today I feel again almost as ill as I did when first struck by the waterborne parasite. Yesterday evening I did not even feel like riding, and returned home after rounding the block. This morning I rode only about three miles, then returned home and sprayed front and back yards to kill bugs. By lunch time I was feeling poorly. I felt worse still after a short nap.

On the other hand, I am happy to report that the work of my local bike mechanic effected a cure for the shifting mechanisms’ problems, and front brake now also works very well.

Drinking From A Stream?

You’ll recall that last weekend my friend, Adrian, and I drank from a stream close by a spring taking only swiftly running water.  No farm runoff nearby, nor any herd animals in the area.  That was Saturday.  By Sunday night, I’d developed fever, chills, deep muscle soreness at thighs and buttocks, pain at the site of past injuries and surgery.  Other, intestinal, symptoms manifested by Monday afternoon.  By the time I returned home from Gallatin, where I worked Monday through Wednesday, some of the symptoms had resolved, but others had not.  A medical examination Thursday morning revealed that I had, as I suspected, acquired a waterborne parasite.  A couple of scrips should clear it up in a few days, but until then, my gut just isn’t right.  Instead of the usual 12 to 18, I’ve been firing on about eight cylinders and none too sequentially.

The take-away lesson from this is:  Use the water purification tablets if you’re going to drink streamwater, even if it is near the spring.