A Farrago of Bad Ecclesiology

Is God ever absent, ever truly far from his people?

The Whitehorse Inn guys botch another discussion (listen here), confusing societal contempt for religious professionals with rebellion against God’s authority. Didn’t Ezekiel, Jesus, Martin Luther, the people in Foxe’s book, and countless unnamed others have something better to say about this?

They did manage to make some sense talking about the uniform of one’s vocation. In my work, the uniform is button up shirt, khaki trousers, matching belt and shoes. It reassures those with whom my job brings me into contact that I am serious about my work and take them seriously as I go about that work. I have a pair of khaki trousers I bought in 2002 at Chattanooga. Last weekend they began their new life of freedom as a garment worn camping. Their life as a slave-vestment is over, finally broken-in and matured by years working for the state, they have entered in to the casual, leisure time of their wearer.

I wore a pair of Kuhl Eiger shorts and a color-coordinated $10.00 Wal-Mart camp shirt to Barnchurch today, with stout hiking boots, because you never know when you may find yourself walking. Guerrilla Christianity never looked so good. This was our last Sunday in the loft. I await a nominative inspiration for the relocated ecclesia.

These Guys Sound Like They Feel Threatened

I’m listening as I write to the guys at www.whitehorseinn.org. More and more they’re sounding to me like they define true biblical Christianity as something given by God to the sheep in the pews through religious professionals who stand before the sheep in the place of God between the sheep and God. Sort of a Protestant Catholicism.

They sound like they feel threatened by those followers of Christ who refuse to be followers of religious professionals. They’re kind of freaked out by the fact that the church, as scripture defines church, cannot be contained by organizational hierarchies derived, evidently, from the pagan culture of the ancient world. Too bad, guys.

The thing is, these Whitehorse Inn cats have a lot of right things to say about scripture, but very little that matters about ecclesiology.