Ruby Red ‘04 XC70

Friday night the auto-transporter rolled in to Stepford around 11:30 pm.  I met him at a Gypsy-owned Italian restaurant near that end of town’s first controlled intersection.  Demeanor very pleasant, the transporter worked deliberately and methodically to arrange unload and rearrange his truck before we drove my 850 and the XC70 out to the house.  The tractor trailer rig would doubtless have snagged trees and power-lines during the approach to our modest home in Plantation Estates.  I gave the transporter a ride back to his rig, he mentioned that his daughter, who plays for a traveling softball team, had a game Saturday in Bowling Green, Kentucky.  I hope the girl won and that her dad gets some rest today.

Here are a few photos of the new car.  A couple taken while the car was still on the trailer.  One of what appears to be a Crown Victoria held aloft and hanging slightly off the rear of the trailer’s upper deck.  The driveway photos were taken after I took the car for fuel and a wash.  I’m experimenting with tables again to insert photos.  My attempt with the previous blog post was unsuccessful in that on a computer without a wide-screen, the right-most column of photos and text is not clearly visible, although those cells may be viewed by tabbing to them.









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